HOUSTON – Could you help find the owner of a bracelet that was found at Houston’s Hobby Airport? A post that has been shared on social media is asking for help returning the special bracelet to its rightful owner.

The original Facebook post shows a bracelet that appears to contain a loved one’s ashes inside a heart-shaped container that is engraved with a thumbprint.

Desiree Encinas said in the post that she found the bracelet near the Terminal 2 bathroom.

“I noticed it was on the floor in a stall, so I picked it up, and I noticed it had a thumbprint, and it looks like it has a seal like it may contain ashes,” Encinas said. “I’ve actually been talking to it and saying ‘Good morning’ in case it’s someone’s loved one, then they know they are being taken care of.”

She said she tried to turn it in to Hobby airport lost and found, but they were closed. That was when she decided to turn to social media.

Encinas’ post has now been shared more than 200,000 times, including a share by Hobby Airport officials.

“Hopefully people keep sharing, keep liking and bringing attention to it,” Encinas said. “Hopefully we’ll have some good news to share,” says Augusto Bernal, Public Information Officer for Houston Airports.

So far, there are no hints or clues as to who owns the bracelet. Encinas said she thinks someone will know something and she soon will get the special bracelet back to the right person.

“We actually lost my mother-in-law one year ago today, so I know how important that would be to someone,” Encinas said. “I would miss it dearly if I was carrying her ashes.”

Encinas said she also checked with law enforcement to see if they could track the owner down with the thumbprint but they said she would have to go to a forensics lab.